Tagliatelle all’uovo – Home Made Fresh Pasta

It is well known that Italians need a constant intake of carbs and, if we don’t have pasta for a few days, we’ll feel as if we haven’t eaten it for years. Nowadays pasta is consumed mostly dried, as the latest generations see the making of fresh pasta confined to the most traditional shapes and the stuffed variety of pasta, such as tortellini or ravioli.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of dried pasta and I always make sure my favourite number of Barilla spaghetti is in the cupboard. However, I cannot begin to explain the pleasure and satisfaction that making fresh pasta at home brings. So, instead, I’ll just show you…

800 g 00 type flour (but keep more flour at hand as you’ll need it at the rolling stage)
8 eggs
salt (optional)

Step 1 – You can start mixing your dough in a bowl, if you don’t feel confident mixing the eggs and the flour directly on your cooking surface. Remember to create a well in the middle of the flour, so the eggs are easy to mix. You will also notice from the pictures that I got a man to do the kneading– don’t blame me, it can be hard work!

Step 2 – Once you have a homogeneous dough ball, start kneading for about ten minutes on a flour dusted surface. You can check how elastic the dough is by poking it delicately. Spread your ball with some olive oil and cover it with cling film or foil, and put in the fridge for about one hour.

Step 3 – It’s now time to roll! Cut a small piece from your dough and make sure that the remaining dough is either covered with a damp cloth or wrapped in cling film, so it doesn’t dry up. Put the small piece onto your flour dusted surface and start rolling it with a pin-roll or with a pasta machine like I did.

Step 4 – If you are using a pin-roll, be patient as rolling the dough so thinly can be tricky. With the pasta machine, you can start rolling the dough a few times at the machine’s widest setting. Then start rolling it thinner and thinner until you reach the narrowest setting (or the one just before the narrowest if you prefer). You will obtain several long pasta sheets.

Step 5 – If your pasta machine has got the cutter to make thin pasta, such as spaghetti or tagliatelle, apply the cutting roll to the machine and start passing the pasta sheets through the roll and you’ll have your first tagliatelle. Marvellous!

Tagliatelle all'uovo 10

Step 6 – Keep your tagliatelle on a floury surface and cover them with more flour, shaking them a little without breaking them. Leave them to dry, so that they don’t stick together and move them every now and then so they dry evenly.

Tagliatelle all'uovo 11

Step 7 – Repeat the process with another bit of the dough, and do it again and again until your dough is finished. All you have to do now is to choose a sauce. Enjoy!

Please note: I made a big quantity of pasta because, even though making it is not difficult, it takes time. Once you are at it, you might as well make enough divided portions to freeze, so when you’re craving pasta, you can boil it in water from frozen. Do you make home made pasta? Let us know if you try!


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