Pancake Day Recipe – Doughnuts

Fat Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day), Valentine’s Day and then Chinese New Year: next week looks packed with reasons to celebrate with something very sweet, don’t you think? While living in Singapore means that I can breath and feel the build up to Chinese New Year everywhere, I still have so much to learn on the traditions around this festivity. While I do my homework on that subject, this week I focused on a recipe that brings me right back to my Italian origin. Fat Tuesday in Italy means fried goods, so this year I want to mark the occasion by making bomboloni, also known as krapfen in Austria and as doughnuts all around the globe.

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Sardinian Zeppole_recipe

Pancake Day Recipe: Zeppole Sarde (Zippuas)

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is traditionally the day before the beginning of Lent. During this Catholic holiday lasting forty days, followers of Lent should avoid eating meat and other fatty or sweet foods, which is why Shrove Tuesday is the day they feast and treat themselves to a special meal. You might have guessed that we do not eat pancakes on this special occasion in Italy, as each region makes their own traditional cakes. In Sardinia we have zeppole, in dialect Zippuas, very tasty fritters that look like doughnuts and taste of saffron and orange. Continue reading “Pancake Day Recipe: Zeppole Sarde (Zippuas)”