Bird’s nest – a Delicacy from South East Asia

Last Saturday we were invited by the lovely fellow foodie Sayuri to partecipate to a foodie event in Singapore all dedicate to bird’s nest. As the Italian half of Blender and Basil, I actually had never heard of bird’s nest, so I had to do some research to find out what it was all about. My friends and fellow foodies understood that I was talking about bird’s nest drink, which is very popular in Singapore and described it as a very sweet, very refreshing tonic with some gelatinous bits inside that makes its texture interesting. But when I visited the World of Birdnest Museum on Saturday, I soon found out there is a lot more to bird’s nest than just a derivative drink.


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Perfect Serve: 11 Serving Trays to Accessorize Your Kitchen

These serving trays are great for our uncertain British weather: whether you use them to carry Pimms onto the garden table or a few slices of toast for a cosy breakfast in bed, they will certainly add a special touch to your kitchen.

All trays are available in the UK. International orders are listed with postage costs.

John Lewis allium tray
Passed the flowering season? This tray will bring you beautiful blooms all year round.
John Lewis Allium Tray, 49 x 30cm, £15.00
Feel the heat of the Mediterranean summer with this Majolica-tile inspired tray.
India Jane Al Fresco Tray, 39 x 29cm, £19.50

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