Perfect Serve: 11 Serving Trays to Accessorize Your Kitchen

These serving trays are great for our uncertain British weather: whether you use them to carry Pimms onto the garden table or a few slices of toast for a cosy breakfast in bed, they will certainly add a special touch to your kitchen.

All trays are available in the UK. International orders are listed with postage costs.

John Lewis allium tray
Passed the flowering season? This tray will bring you beautiful blooms all year round.
John Lewis Allium Tray, 49 x 30cm, £15.00
Feel the heat of the Mediterranean summer with this Majolica-tile inspired tray.
India Jane Al Fresco Tray, 39 x 29cm, £19.50

Ella Doran Stacks Tray
Love retro? Decorate your home with this Scandinavian birch wood tray featuring 12″ record sleeves.
Ella Doran Stacks Tray, 33 x 43cm, £25.50
Yes, Pantone don’t just do mugs. Brighten up your kitchen with a splash of fuchia!
Large Pantone 675 Tray, 43 x 33cm, £29.00
Emma Bridgewater Year in the Country Fox & Owls Steel Tray
If it’s raining outside, curl up with a nightcap served on this tray (and you’ll be prepared for mulled wine at the end of the year already).
Emma Bridgewater Year in the Country Fox & Owls Steel Tray, 38cm diameter, £30.00
Handmade Turkish Copper Tray with Brass Handle
Our Etsy choice of this list (marked by the orange border) comes from Luxury Houseware. It is hand painted and punched.
Handmade Turkish Copper Tray, 36cm diameter, £25.86 + £8.62 shipping (£34.48 including UK delivery)
Oval Slate Tray with Antler Handles
Rustic yet modern, this tray is inspired by the Scottish highland deer.
Oval Slate Tray with Antler Handles, 41 x 25cm, £35.00
Wooden Walnut Scandi Serving Tray
Simple, clean and minimalistic: this tray by Cecilia Johansson will look stylish in a modern kitchen.
Wooden Walnut Scandi Serving Tray, 40 x 20cm, 36 Euros + 15 Euros shipping (£36 including UK delivery)
Embossed Metal Tray
The delicate embossed flowers in neutral, earthy colours will look at home in any kitchen.
Cox & Cox Embossed Metal Tray, 52cm diameter, £40.00
Kaleido Hexagonal Tray
Designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk for Hay, these trays come in many sizes and fit together like a puzzle.
Extra Large Hexagonal Kaleido Tray, 45 x 39 cm, £45.00
West Elm Mirror Tray
This tray in mirror-wrapped engineered wood with bevelled edges will bring an element of glamour into your home. Also available in other sizes.
West Elm Rectangular Mirror Tray, 46 x 36cm, £79.00

Which one is your favourite?


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