Japanese chicken curry with S&B Golden Curry sauce mix – a simple recipe

There are a couple of sauces that are good to stock in the food cupboard for a quick and tasty meal, and if you want to cook Japanese curry (aka kare raisu), then S&B Golden Curry sauce mixs are one of my favourites. They are like stock cubes, and come in three strengths: mild, medium hot (as above) and hot. I’m using the medium hot one below, as it seems to provide the best balance for the chicken curry. They’re also stocked in various supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. If they don’t have it in your local store, then you can even buy it on Amazon.

You won’t need to add any other flavourings or spices to the curry – the cubes are all you’ll need. There are clear instructions on the box on how to use the sauce mix, although the cooking times are a bit vague. My favourite to make with the sauce mix is a chicken curry with carrots, potatoes and garden peas (plenty of vitamins)!

The following serves 2-3 people (closer to 3), and you’ll need to cook some rice separately. The total cooking time is around 30 minutes, and the prep is very simple, as you don’t need to slice any of the ingredients into very fine pieces.


300-350g of chicken breast fillet
1 large potato
1/2 an onion
1 carrot

1 tbsp of shaoxing rice wine (optional)
150g of garden peas
2 curry cubes

You’ll also need a dash of oil and some water.

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Thanksgiving recipe – a Sardinian take (pudda prena a sa sarda)

This traditional Sardinian recipe will be a great alternative to your classic Thanksgiving roast. Instead of being cooked in the oven, this bird is boiled, instead of giving you turkey sandwiches as leftovers, this will give you succulent tender meat to add to your salads and a rich stock for your risottos, soups or meat stews. It brings me so many childhood memories because this is the Sunday dish my grandma used to prepare for the family. Like she would have done, I used a nice corn fed rampant chicken: my butcher cleaned it for me so it was ready to stuff. I would have needed the inside organs for the stuffing, but they were not included in the purchase, so I bought some chicken hearts separately. Another must-have ingredient is lard: according to all my family, it is the very ingredient that keeps the stuffing together and gives it the right texture. But worry not, just like I did, you will be able to find it at the supermarket.

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Dongbei Poussin and Mushroom Stew

Often called a chicken and mushroom stew, it’s traditionally prepared by the bride’s family on the wedding day, but is very much a popular and everyday dish. The actual preparation only takes 10-15 minutes – then you can just leave it to stew on low heat.  The chicken used in the stew is actually closer to a poussin (you can also use corn-fed chicken though), so that’s what I’ve used here. This was one of my favourite stews from childhood, and as it’s a Chinese dish from Dongbei/Manchuria (in the North East), it has quite strong flavours. Continue reading “Dongbei Poussin and Mushroom Stew”