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Salmorejo – a Spanish Cold Soup

Weather you’re in Europe and in the middle of a heatwave or, like me, in a tropical country when heatwaves are the only weather you get, cold soups can be very helpful! Salmorejo is more of a cream rather than a soup. It’s a proud dish from Cordoba and very much dislikes to be so often associated with the liquid, drinkable cousin, Gazpacho. So much so that Cordoba university even conducted a scientific study to find the perfect consolidation of ingredients for Salmorejo, with the aim of creating some sort of controlled designation of origin and standardize the perfect proportions for its final homogeneous result. This recipe will serve up an excellent Salmorejo: bring it to its utmost by relying on good quality seasonal tomatoes and garnishing it with well-sourced fresh ingredients. It’s also suitable for vegans!

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Spanish cold soup: Gazpacho

The heatwave is finally here -even the UK is having its taste of summer- and here in London we are deliriously making the most of it. But the heart-warming English foods just won’t do during these sultry days, so we need advice from those who know a thing or two about summer: the Spaniards! Cold soups are a staple of Spanish cuisine, and to beat the heat there is nothing better than cooking with (almost) no heat, and having a portion of gorgeous refreshing cold soup to welcome you home during a week like this one. This Gazpacho recipe is so simple you’ll have plenty of time left to spend outside. And ultimately it invites you to make the most out of all those seasonal tomatoes and peppers you got at the farmer’s market!

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