Steamed Tofu, Minced Pork and Mushrooms

Here comes another steamed recipe for this week – tofu with minced pork and mushrooms this time. This one can be served hot or cold, so is good for spring and summer. In a similar way to the aubergine and mushroom recipes from the previous weeks, the basis of the recipe is to steam the main ingredient for 10-15 minutes and then to pour the sauce on top.

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Steamed Enoki Mushrooms with Garlic – a ‘Cooked Salad’ Recipe

In hotter weather, salads are a go-to food. This enoki mushroom recipe is a Chinese cooked salad, which means that like last week’s aubergine recipe, the mushroom is steamed before the sauce goes on, and the mushrooms soak up the flavours as it cools with the sauce.

You can also look into using other sorts of mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms, although it would be best to slice them thinly, as enoki mushrooms are naturally so thin and absorb the flavours easily. Continue reading “Steamed Enoki Mushrooms with Garlic – a ‘Cooked Salad’ Recipe”

Italian Chicken Mushroom Casserole (Pollo ai Funghi)

A good chicken casserole (pollo ai funghi) is an all-seasons dish, but we believe it’s a good way to ease you into autumnal vibes, wherever you are in the world. You can still enjoy it on the terrace, if you are in a place where summer still lingers, but it will also warm your heart and make you think of blushing trees shedding their leaves…ahhhh! Use your favourite mushrooms in this recipe (the wilder the better!) and some cherry tomatoes on the vine. Continue reading “Italian Chicken Mushroom Casserole (Pollo ai Funghi)”