Thanksgiving Recipe – Pork Sirloin with Spanish Pedro Sauce

It’s Thanksgiving week: for us in Europe and rest of the World it’s almost like a fictional holiday that we only get to see in the movies. Every year, the fascination about what our American friends will serve on their table takes over the internet and all our favourite blogs. But there’s no stopping us extending their gratitude to our own dining tables, is there? And what if this year we proposed a recipe that broke the poultry convention? In fact, for this recipe we chose pork sirloin – and if you can get your hands on an authentic Iberico pork sirloin, all the better! Continue reading “Thanksgiving Recipe – Pork Sirloin with Spanish Pedro Sauce”

Sweet and sour pineapple and turkey stir-fry – a recipe for leftovers

Thanksgiving means turkey galore! And whether you’ve got some raw turkey left in the pack or if it’s already cooked, this Chinese recipe with pineapple, traditionally made with chicken, can give you a completely different meal from the roast the day before. We’ve cooked this with raw turkey, but if you have some already cooked turkey, especially where you’ve rubbed it with salt and pepper/stuffed it with herbs, then simply skip the first step. Continue reading “Sweet and sour pineapple and turkey stir-fry – a recipe for leftovers”


Thanksgiving recipe – a Sardinian take (pudda prena a sa sarda)

This traditional Sardinian recipe will be a great alternative to your classic Thanksgiving roast. Instead of being cooked in the oven, this bird is boiled, instead of giving you turkey sandwiches as leftovers, this will give you succulent tender meat to add to your salads and a rich stock for your risottos, soups or meat stews. It brings me so many childhood memories because this is the Sunday dish my grandma used to prepare for the family. Like she would have done, I used a nice corn fed rampant chicken: my butcher cleaned it for me so it was ready to stuff. I would have needed the inside organs for the stuffing, but they were not included in the purchase, so I bought some chicken hearts separately. Another must-have ingredient is lard: according to all my family, it is the very ingredient that keeps the stuffing together and gives it the right texture. But worry not, just like I did, you will be able to find it at the supermarket.

Continue reading “Thanksgiving recipe – a Sardinian take (pudda prena a sa sarda)”