Steamed Enoki Mushrooms with Garlic – a ‘Cooked Salad’ Recipe

In hotter weather, salads are a go-to food. This enoki mushroom recipe is a Chinese cooked salad, which means that like last week’s aubergine recipe, the mushroom is steamed before the sauce goes on, and the mushrooms soak up the flavours as it cools with the sauce.

You can also look into using other sorts of mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms, although it would be best to slice them thinly, as enoki mushrooms are naturally so thin and absorb the flavours easily. Continue reading “Steamed Enoki Mushrooms with Garlic – a ‘Cooked Salad’ Recipe”


Dry fried green beans with chilli (gan bian sijidou) – a simple veggie recipe

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time for lighter food, but still with a touch of warming spice. That’s why we’re sharing this vegetarian dry fried green bean with chillies recipe today. It’s a very quick and simple recipe, and you need very few ingredients to cook it – mainly just the green beans and chillies! Although you will need to fry the green beans twice, you will only need one wok, as the oil is recycled.

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Cauliflower with olives – A simple recipe

While it’s in season and at its best, I’m proposing a recipe with cauliflower. In Sardinia this dish is called cavolo soffocato, literally meaning suffocated cauliflower, and it’s called like that because you let it steam in the pot by closing the lid. Apart from the quality of the ingredients, you only need a bit of patience for the success of this very simple and satisfying vegetarian recipe. Have it as it is with some home made bread or fluffy basmati rice, or make it a side dish for a meaty dinner. Continue reading “Cauliflower with olives – A simple recipe”