The Savannah Bar & Restaurant

“Communication is the creative expression of all that’s within us (…) creativity combines will and consciousness and moves us forward into the future. When we create, we make something that has not existed before.” Forgive us the initial mindful quote, but I had to start with this because I believe that for the first time, during The Savannah opening party, I was asked a very important question: why the blog? Given the mundane occasion, I doubt the question was intended to create such deep thoughts in me. Yet, as I was sitting in the stunning surroundings of the newly opened Savannah restaurant, where everything around whispers introspection, where the relaxing décor and the video projections on the wall make time slow down, the simple truth came as an answer.
We write for self expression, we write because we are larger than life and we need a personal project, we write about food because we cook, and we cook – again – not only because we love eating but because it is another form of self expression. Yes, of course, the aim is to become a better and recognised version of ourselves, and we are aware of the effort and time that takes.

The Savannah, 81-103 Euston Street London NW1 2EZ. For further details please contact Luisa Welch of I-Mage Communications 07774 234899. Please By-line Danny Elwes.

But it is not by chance that I’m bringing mindfulness to the table while talking about Savannah: the restaurant is entirely based on being good to oneself and to the planet. Head chef Alin Lucian Athanasius sources his produce ethically: within his suppliers there are The Bread Factory bakery and patisserie, of which I had the chance to taste a bit of their sour-dough scrumptious loafs; his meat comes from Old Hall Farm near Luton; and the fish (only non endangered species) is sourced from James Knight of Mayfair, the sector leader in sustainability issues. Their European cuisine presents Asian and African influences and offers delicious ethical ingredients in an elegantly daring menu.

The Savannah

But sustainability is not just bound to the kitchen – the interior design is also inspired on nature and sustainability. A statement work of art in the main restaurant, called Bird of Prey (my favourite), has been hand crafted by the artist Ptolemy Erlington using recycled shopping trolleys. At the bar area, peaceful pictures and projections invite to relax, perhaps while reading a book or gossiping with an old friend. A winning atmosphere for sure, I look forward to visit again!

What you need to know:
The Savannah Bar opens 11 am – 11 pm Monday to Sunday (£25/head ca)
The Savannah a-la-carte kitchen opens 12 pm – 10 pm Monday to Sunday (£40/head ca)
Full address and contacts:
The Savannah Bar & Restaurant, 81-103 Euston Street, London, NW1 3EZ tel. 020 7691 8588


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