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Sushi Heads – The Local Sushi in Tottenham

A recent entry to the list of local restaurants in North London, Sushi Heads is perfectly located amongst the other local finds on Philip lane. At perfect distance from both Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters stations, Philip lane has revealed itself as a home for local potential, where new restaurants and cafes are making the most of the up and coming spirit of the neighbourhood, without breaking the sense of local community that’s so breathable around N15.

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The Christmas Menu at Spaghetti House

Every year the Christmas period starts a bit earlier. Fact. Isn’t it everyone’s favourite rant through the autumn months? Yet, when I received an invitation to sample the Christmas menu at Spaghetti House, I could feel nothing less than excitement. Only the mild weather at the end of September was stopping me from wearing a Christmas jumper!

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A night at Gatti’s City Point – champagne and fine dining at the heart of London

A new Italian restaurant has opened in the heart of the City. Except Gatti’s is really a veteran that has been serving traditional Italian food to its loyal London clienteles in Broadgate Circle for over 15 years. The new Gatti’s is in essence a rebirth of the restaurant, retaining the old team, at a new location – still walkable from Liverpool Street. The juxtaposition does not end here. Gatti’s City Point is a mere 2 minute walk from Moorgate Station, yet it manages to remain a little tucked away from the throngs of the city.

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The Savannah Bar & Restaurant

“Communication is the creative expression of all that’s within us (…) creativity combines will and consciousness and moves us forward into the future. When we create, we make something that has not existed before.” Forgive us the initial mindful quote, but I had to start with this because I believe that for the first time, during The Savannah opening party, I was asked a very important question: why the blog? Given the mundane occasion, I doubt the question was intended to create such deep thoughts in me. Yet, as I was sitting in the stunning surroundings of the newly opened Savannah restaurant, where everything around whispers introspection, where the relaxing décor and the video projections on the wall make time slow down, the simple truth came as an answer.
We write for self expression, we write because we are larger than life and we need a personal project, we write about food because we cook, and we cook – again – not only because we love eating but because it is another form of self expression. Yes, of course, the aim is to become a better and recognised version of ourselves, and we are aware of the effort and time that takes.

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