Polenta Chips Recipe

For the busy time of the year when you will be hosting drinks and dinner parties before everyone leaves for the Christmas holidays, polenta chips is an easy recipe to enjoy with simple dips and other finger foods. Make a pesto dip, a baba ganoush, a veggie mayonnaise, or serve them sprinkled with rosemary and grated pecorino or parmesan cheese, like we did. Polenta is essentially a very nutritious corn flour, so you can rest assured that no one will be left hungry. We baked them in the oven, but for a golden finish fry them in sunflower oil and you’ll have a great result as well.

1l water
250g polenta flour
1 rosemary sprig
70g pecorino cheese or parmesan (grated)

Step 1 – Start by making polenta. Usually, each brand comes with instructions on the box, but essentially, add the polenta to the water in a medium size pan. Mix constantly while cooking and once the water starts boiling, turn the heat down and let the polenta cook for 8 minutes, always mixing with a wooden spoon. It will become rather hard and difficult to stir.

Step 2 – When the 8 minutes pass, your polenta is ready. Line a flat oven tray with a baking sheet, and spread the polenta evenly on the tray, making sure it has the same thickness throughout. Leave in the fridge for two hours, to solidify.

Step 3 – Transfer the polenta sheet on a chopping board and cut with a knife, creating sticks that are more or less 2cm wide and 8cm long.

Step 4 – Distribute the chips on an oven tray and sprinkle them with rosemary, salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Place them in the oven to cook at 220° for 15 minutes. Serve in a basket or bowl lined with kitchen paper and enjoy with a glass of sparkling wine!


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