Homemade Fries with Egg on Top

Very few meals are as simple as fried eggs. Anyone can make them in a matter of minutes, perfect for those midweek express meals. Sure as eggs, you would probably have a few ingredients at home to make your meal more special: potatoes, for example. Forget those frozen fries you find at the supermarket, I’m talking about those potatoes you forgot in the cupboard for a week already. We are going to turn those into homemade fries. For a different shape, slice them into thin round shapes, and fry them in extra virgin olive oil, which will add a special flavour to the crunch. This dish is very typical throughout Southern Europe, but in southern Spain especially, they use extra virgin olive oil for frying too, and that’s how I discovered this beautiful twist to the recipe. As you might notice from the images, I threw in also an aubergine that needed to be eaten, which made the dish even richer. Final tip: add a few slices of serrano ham when serving and this express meal is suddenly a dream come true.

1 egg per person (or more if you are feeling hungry)
1 to 1.5 potatoes per person
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper
Some slices of serrano ham

Step 1 – Wash and peel the potatoes, making sure you eliminate all dark spots, as well as the whole peel. Then slice your potatoes, you can either slice them into thin disks or into sticks, completely up to your preference.

Step 2 – In a frying pan, warm abundant extra virgin olive oil. I know it’s precious, so don’t worry about reaching too much depth, but the result has to be deep frying and not stir frying.

Step 3 – When the oil is hot, add the potatoes and fry them, taking care to turn them several times to reach a very crunchy texture. When they are crunchy and golden, take them out of the pan and place them on kitchen paper to lose some of the oil.

Step 4 – In the same oil where you fried the potatoes, add the eggs and fry them to your preference – I like them sunny side up and runny.

Step 5 – In the meantime, place the potatoes on a dish, so you can accommodate the eggs on the top as soon as they are ready. Sprinkle with black pepper, salt to taste and add the slices of jamón. Your dish is served, I hope you enjoy the tricks!


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