Easy Homemade Mayo

Our homemade mayo recipe is a super easy an quick one. When I learned that we could make mayo using a hand blender, it was a life changing discovery: it literally takes 5 minutes! The biggest advantage of making mayo at home is that you will know how genuine the ingredients will be, and you will be in control of altering the taste according to your preferences. If you want it a bit spicy, add mustard, if you want the extra factor, add Worcestershire sauce; if you like it lemony, add only lemon, just like I did. A fun alternative is to mix it with veggies to add colour as well as flavour: asparagus, garlic, beetroot…you only get to choose. Once you find your favourite, no jarred mayo available in the shops will ever compare to your home made one.
This recipe won’t take you longer than 5 minutes and will give you a small jar of mayo to enjoy within a day or two.

250ml olive oil (non extra virgin)
1 egg (as fresh as possible and room temperature)
the juice of half a lemon (or, you can use Perrins sauce or mustard, as mentioned above)
1 pinch of salt

Step 1 – Add the egg to the hand blender bowl. Then add the oil and the pinch of salt.

Step 2 – Start blending without moving the blender. Let the ingredients emulsify in front of your eyes without moving your hand, so that you don’t risk to split the mayo.

Step 3 – Only when you can see that most of the oil is now a cream, and you need the oil left in the surface to emulsify, you can lift the blender very slightly and very gently on one side only, so you keep the stability of your blender and don’t move too much.

Step 4 – Only once you are sure that you have a creamy sauce and not split liquid ingredients, you can add the juice of the lemon. You can do it little by little using a teaspoon if you are scared to split the mayo, and use the blender to mix and taste it, until you reach the flavour you want.

Homemade mayo 4_5 straight on

Your homemade mayo is ready! You can use it as a dip for crudities (I recommend it with celery!), or for your home made potato salad, Russian salad, etc. Just eat it fresh, within one day or two from preparation and always store it in the fridge!


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