Roasted Peppers in Olive Oil

The temperatures are as hot in London as in Singapore and it is that time of the year everywhere when fresh veggie recipes come to mind. Also, peppers are in season, which means they are sweet and tasty, what better time to use them than for a simple summer lunch?  In Italy we do conserves where we put roasted peppers in jars and fill them with oil so they can be used during the rest of the year. I’m not so keen on conserves, mainly because of the lack of space, so I use exactly the same process with much less quantity of peppers and I simply store them in the fridge to be served during the following few days.

2 red bell peppers
2 green bell peppers
2 yellow bell peppers
Extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
Basil or mint leaves (optional)

Step 1 – Place the peppers on an oven tray lined with baking paper or foil. Put them in the oven at 180º for 30 or 35 minutes until they are all roasted.

Step 2 – Once you take them out from the oven, cover the tray with foil. The steam will make the peppers a lot easier to peel off.

Step 3 – When the peppers are cool enough to be handled, peel them with your hands. Clean them from the stem and all seeds, then cut them into strips. Place the strips in a bowl.

Step 4 – Chop two cloves of garlic in thin slices and add them to the bowl. Then add the herbs if you decide to use any, add salt to your taste, and cover with olive oil. Store them in the fridge and serve them with a slice of toasted bread for the pure, vegan option. If you are not vegan of vegetarian, add your favourite tuna when serving.

Roasted_peppers_in oil_recipe_

What is your favourite dish to prepare in the heat? Let us know what you think, if you try this recipe.


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